Former Blade Director Reportedly Clashed with Mahershala Ali Over Script Issues

The exit of director Bassam Tariq from the MCU reboot of Blade yesterday marked another obstacle to the development of the long-gestated project. While Marvel Studios maintained that his exit was due to "shifts in production schedule," it looks like that may not actually be the case according to new reports that are emerging surrounding the news.

A recent report from Giant Freakin Robot provided more alleged details surrounding the exit of Tariq in the MCU project where they revealed that the director kept on attempting to add more elements to the script which star Mahershala Ali did not approve of and became very upset because of it. As a result of their creative clashes, Tariq left the project.

This is similar to other reports from The Hollywood Reporter and reporter Jeff Sneider where they also revealed that the project had shifted its production multiple times, undergone several rewrites, Ali is feeling "very frustrated" over the process, and Kevin Feige is said to be "too thin" regarding his involvement.

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It is always unfortunate to hear stories such as this and it is also a huge sign that there is also a lot of trouble happening behind the scenes ahead of its supposed production start this fall. Right now, Marvel Studios is currently searching for a new director to hopefully get the project back on track.

It would be interesting to see where the development of this film will go now after the recent update. Hopefully, they'll finally be able to figure out the next step very soon as a lot of fans are anticipating the Daywalker's official debut in the MCU.

It is also very likely now that the film won't be able to make its release next year with the upcoming hiring of a new director and possible production date shift to early next year assuming that they'll be able to recruit someone very soon.

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Blade is still slated for release in theaters on November 3, 2023. You can check more details about it here.

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