Fly Again Ending Explained: Episode 10 Recap + Did Hyungwon's Yohan And The Villainz Succeed To Debut Together? Myung Ji's Jimin Sacrifices Her Dream

Credit: MONSTA X/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MONSTA X/YouTube Screenshot

Fly Again is a web drama that started airing on November 13, 2021. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the series airs its episodes on Kakao TV, Viki, and WeTV at 9:00 AM KST.

Fly Again stars MONSTA X member Hyungwon, former TINY-G member Kim Myung Ji, H.O.T.’s Tony Ahn, Park Eun Hye, Kim Ha Jun, Lee Seung Heon, Woo Han Moe, Moon Jung Gi, and Bae Hyeon Jun.

The musical web drama tells the story of high school students and their journey to their dreams as idols. As they make their way to make all ends meet despite struggles and hardships, each will eventually find solace and assistance among friends.

Concluding the show on December 15, 2021, here is a Fly Again Ending Explained and episode 10 recap.

Fly Again Episode 10 Recap

Fly Again Episode 10 sees Yohan reflecting on his decisions. He reminded himself of why he continued dancing despite his ankle injury from an incident during one of his ballet competitions.

At the same time, he receives a message from Professor Minhyuk telling him that instead of following the path someone has set for him, he should create his own path wherein he is the only one who can go. Yohan realizes that nothing will be impossible as long as the six members of Villainz are together.

After this realization, Yohan attends the live broadcast of Villainz to dance with them. Over dinner, Ken announces his departure for New York. Chang Hee is preparing to go solo, while Do Yeong and Geun Sik are hard to adjust to the trainee system.

After this realization, Yohan attends the live broadcast of Villainz to dance with them. The team reflected on the fact that all of them were doing better because they were together.

Did Tae Ha Leave Devolution In Fly Again Episode 10?

The news of Tae Ha going off the grid reached the trainees and the media. No one can contact him except for Cherry. So Song Yi asks for a favor to relay a message to Tae Ha.

Because of the pressure and depression he is experiencing, it’s hard for him to continue promoting as an idol.

However, Professor Minhyuk comforts him by saying that he can move forward at his own pace and not be too anxious or worry too much about the future. If Tae Ha only focuses on his goal, it may take a toll on his physical and mental health.

Thankfully, Song Yi understands that Tae Ha and the other members of Devolution are having a hard time physically and mentally. Song Yi postpones Devolution’s world tour and grants the members a month of break.

What Happened To The Villainz? Did Yohan Debut With The Group?

While the members of Villainz were preparing for their final stage together, Chang Hee arrived at the practice room to relay an important message. Song Yi decides to extend her help and assistance to debut Villainz as a group.

Six months later, the Villainz are seen accepting their first music show win after debut. The scene pans to them preparing for their first-ever concert.

Why Is Jimin Not On Stage With The Villainz In Fly Again Episode 10?

Back when the debut of Villainz was announced, Jimin left the practice room. She decided to continue her studies so she could confidently face her parents. This was the detour that Professor Minhyuk had mentioned.

As promised, Jimin came to Villainz’s concert and watched her friends happily dancing their ways to their dreams.

Fly Again Episode 10 ended with the Villainz performing their winning track “Fly Again” while reminiscing all the hardships and struggles they had to face before joyfully walking their own path to success.

Will Fly Again Return For Season 2?

As of this article’s writing, there has not been any news or confirmation whether Fly Again will return for season 2.

The web drama’s lead star, MONSTA X member Hyungwon, is currently in the US for the Jingle Ball Tour and will be booked and busy until next year because of a world tour, so Fly Again Season 2 can't be up as soon.

However, if Fly Again Season 2 is confirmed, we can expect the storyline to focus on Jimin’s return to the Villainz after finishing her studies. Viewers may also see the journey of the Villainz towards fame and success.

Another interesting scene would be how Tae Ha recovers from his depression and revive his energy as an idol with Devolution. If there is Fly Again Season 2, we can see more of the original cast members and might also witness new characters in the run.

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