Flashpoint was Supposed to be Ben Affleck's Final Appearance as Batman

Rumors have recently come out that the Flash solo movie will be dropping the Flashpoint storyline, much to the relief of some fans. What's odd is, with the film dropping the story, that leaves a big question mark for the role of Batman a.k.a. Ben Affleck in the DCEU.

According to Batman-News, Affleck's final appearance in the DCEU as Batman was meant to be in Flashpoint, but with that story said to have been dropped, it looks like Affleck will have to appear as Batman in another film.

Affleck has said that he wants to exit the role in a ‘graceful and cool' manner, but how do you do that with the lineup that's coming next year? There were already rumors that Superman is appearing in Shazam! and I don't expect Batman to show up in Wonder Woman 2 either.

Perhaps the best bet for an appearance from Batfleck would be the Birds of Prey movie which will include the likes of Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Batgirl (supposedly). Personally, I think Affleck has barely scratched the surface with his Batman role, and I wish he had the same enthusiasm as Henry Cavill for the DCEU; Cavill even looking to renew his contract after Shazam!.

For now, Matt Reeves is still working on a solo Batman movie, and it's said that he already has someone in mind to replace Affleck. I just kind of hoped that Affleck stayed in the DCEU long enough to give us a film featuring the entire Bat-Family.

We don't know when Batman's last appearance in the DCEU will be.

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