Flashpoint Movie Close To Hiring New Director

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He might not have his codename in the Justice League film, but it looks like Warner Bros will be prioritizing The Flash. A report from the Wall Street Journal claimed that the Scarlet Speedster will be the breakout star of the film, which is why the studio wants to give the character a solo outing soon. It was previously announced that the character's film will be called Flashpoint and there could be a director announced to the project soon.

Ben Fritz, the writer of the lengthy Wall Street Journal post above, tweeted about the film getting a director soon. According to Fritz, WB's Toby Emmerich said that a director could be getting announced in the near future and they are hoping that the film will get the green light. This is a contradiction to previous reports, which stated that the studio would wait for Justice League's success before deciding on the future of Flashpoint.


Apparently, the positive early buzz may have changed the minds of the people at Warner Bros since they now want a Flash solo movie. Fans were already digging Ezra Miller's performance from the trailer alone, so he must have really dazzled audiences during early screenings.

Some comic book fans might argue that a Flashpoint movie is too early, given how young the DCEU is, but the film could just borrow the comic's title and nothing else. Then again, Geoff Johns did write the comic and he is now a DCEU head, so we will see how that pans out.

No release date for Flashpoint has been revealed. Justice League will come to cinemas next week on November 17.

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