First Teaser Trailer of The Russo Brothers' Deadly Class Released

SyFy has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming series Deadly Class, based on the popular Image Comics series by Rick Remender and Wesley Craig. The series will be produced by Avengers: Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo, which should add to the hype. What can be seen thus far looks promising and might even encourage those curious to buy the graphic novels.

The Russos actually appear in the trailer quite a bit, hyping up the series and noting how much they liked the graphic novel. They even said that it blew them away and promise that this will be a worthwhile series to follow. Considering the good work they did for Infinity War, they probably earned some viewers through their name alone.

Rick Remender, the writer of the original comics, said that fans will enjoy the adaptation, which will be faithful to the source material. It will probably stray from the comics a bit since no one wants to just watch what they can read, so whatever differences are made should be interesting.

Benedict Wong, who appeared in Doctor Strange and Infinity War, is featured prominently along with lead star Benjamin Wadsworth. There is plenty of cool imagery as well and a feature-length trailer can't come soon enough.

Deadly Class is expected to hit the SyFy Network sometime in 2019.

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