First Teaser for The Punisher 2 Released

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Netflix may be dropping Marvel shows left and right, but next year will still see the arrival of the second season of The Punisher. Just in, we got a new teaser with Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle gearing up in his Battle Van.


We don't really have that much info on the second season yet, but set photos have confirmed that Ben Barnes will be returning as Billy Russo a.k.a. Jigsaw. Oddly enough, his face doesn't look as mangled as Frank left it in the last season—all it has is just a few scars here and there. Most likely the movie is building up to him getting his more comic-accurate look down the line. Maybe he's just wearing a mask a la Red Skull?

Though Jon Bernthal's Punisher made his debut in Daredevil 2, it's sort of emphasized that he lives in his own world apart from the Marvel Netflix heroes. The first season didn't even feature Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple—and she's been in every from Daredevil to Iron Fist.

We don't know if Punisher will manage to stay on Netflix for longer until it comes out. It's possible that Netflix was also just waiting on this season to release before they cut it off; I can't imagine people would be excited for a series knowing that it's been canceled already.

Then again, this is all just speculation on my part. Maybe Netflix is still willing to give Frank his series—counted that the viewers still keep coming in. Then again, I'm all up for Marvel Studios taking over and giving us a new Punisher film.


The Punisher 2 comes to Netflix in January 2019.

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