30 Jul 2018 2:15 PM +00:00 UTC

First Look at Netflix's Limited Series ‘Maniac’ Starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone

Cary Fukunaga had a great run with True Detective on HBO, and now he's teaming up with Netflix to bring to life a limited series called Maniac. The show actually has some big names included in the cast, and the first teaser has dropped starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

The trailer gives absolutely nothing away, so we should expect some twist and turns with the show when it finally comes out. It is also worth noting that besides working on True Detective, Fukunaga also provided the script for 2017's hit horror movie, IT.

A lot of fans have also been noticing that the two leads had been co-stars in the cult movie, Superbad. With that film getting no sequel, some are teasing that Maniac is actually some weird spinoff of the movie. In Superbad, Hill's character spends most of the runtime trying to get Stone to sleep with him; only ending up having a tender moment with Michael Cera instead.

It's also worth noting the once again dramatic weight loss that Jonah Hill has managed to achieve. He had famously lost a lot of weight a few years back when he starred alongside Channing Tatum in 21 Jumpstreet. He had then gained the weight back, but now it's off again. You'd think Jonah Hill was actually an inflatable person.

Maniac comes out on Netflix Sept. 21.

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