First Look at Hulu's Monsterland Features Star Wars' Kelly Marie Tran and Luke Cage's Mike Colter

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New shows are always worth talking about, especially if they're meant to scare the piss out of you so it's easy to see why fans were interested in Hulu's horror anthology, Monsterland. Based on a collection of stories from Nathan Ballingrud, the show is expected to scare and entertain fans in early October, perfect for scary thrills. If the premise wasn't enough for you, how about seeing Kelly Marie Tran since The Rise of Skywalker? Or Luke Cage's Mike Colter?

The Monsterland Instagram has shared our first look at this eight-part anthology and it looks interesting, to say the least. It's clear that each episode or "part" will have a different theme, which is how you do adapt short stories, and we're more than interested to see what this new Hulu series has in store for us.

For those interested in Kelly Marie Tran, the actress will be playing a woman named Lauren in an episode called Iron River, MI. Here, Lauren returns to her hometown after many years so that she can get married to her one true love. She managed to rebuild her life after a horrific experience where her best friend Elena went missing during her teen years.


Yeah, this is a horror show. No doubt about it. Marie Tran impressed during her stint in The Last Jedi, even though her character received a mixed reaction from fans, so here's hoping she can actually act well to a better reaction. She also wasn't given a chance to redeem herself during The Rise of Skywalker, which is crap but what are we gonna do?

Monsterland will start streaming on Hulu on October 2.

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