First Full Look at the Mark Hamill’s Chucky from the Child's Play Reboot

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Besides coming back for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Mark Hamill will be playing the role of serial killer doll Chucky in the Child's Play reboot. We don't have any idea what he sounds like in the movie yet, but the official account has just given us a look at the redesigned Chucky.

Check him out:

Admittedly, some fans think that the look is a tad cartoony compared to the original, but I'm sure this thing is going to be the stuff of nightmares once we see its face distorted and out for the kill.


Unlike the original film which had a supernatural origin for Chucky, it looks like the new Child's Play will give Chucky a more sci-fi origin. Whereas the original had a serial killer transfers his soul into the body of a doll, it looks like this version will have some kind of high-tech doll with his programming gone wrong. It's pretty much like the plot for Small Soldiers, but I guess more murder-y.

For now, the teasers we got barely gave us a look at Chucky, but maybe we'll see more of him if they ever drop some new previews. Personally, I'm hoping Hamill makes a cameo as himself playing the serial killer who transferred his soul into Chucky. I mean, he doesn't have to be a serial killer in this new film, but what if he's the scientist who developed the toy?

"The story follows a mother named Karen (Aubrey Plaza) who gives her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a toy doll, Chucky (Mark Hamill), though both aren't aware of its evil nature."

Catch Child's Play in theaters June 21.

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