First Footage of Magic: the Gathering Arena Gameplay on Mobile Revealed - And it Releases Soon!

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Credit: WOTC

In a surprise announcement today, Magic: The Gathering revealed a brief preview of MTG Arena for mobile! They did not confirm a release date, but said it will be available very soon!

Day9 made the reveal during today's Zendikar Rising announcement. He said he is currently able to play on his phone already. WOTC didn't reveal any details or high-resolution pictures of gameplay. Instead, Day9 held up his phone and gave everyone a small glimpse of the app in action.

Watch the gameplay here:

This is a huge reveal for the Magic: The Gathering community. Hasbro previously revealed plans for MTG Arena on mobile at the New York Toy Fair in February 2020. Many MTG players have long been asking for a mobile release of the game. Currently, MTG can only be played on PC, and recently Mac. Competitors such as Hearthstone, have long had playable apps on Android and iOS.

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Mobile access to MTG Arena will further establish Magic as an upcoming competitor in the eSports industry. In 2018, Hearthstone had as many as 100 million users, although it is rumored that their player base is in decline. In 2019 MTG Arena had confirmed over 3 million users and growing. The new digital app for Arena could entice Hearthstone players to the platform and expand its player base by a large degree.

MTG Arena is a free to play game, which can be downloaded here.

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