Finding Nemo Gets an Honest Trailer, and It’s Mildly Disheartening

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Finding Dory is about to hit theaters this Friday, and right in time for the release, Screen Junkies is hitting the movie’s prequel, Finding Nemo, its own honest trailer.

As expected, the site once again mocks the Disney Pixar hit, pointing out how the film’s title spoils its ending “so audiences could have a shred of hope to hold onto through 90 minutes of tears and torture.”

Among the highlights of the Finding Nemo honest trailer is the fact that the ocean is “like a nonstop murder parade” for Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres). The honest trailer also didn’t forget to include the negative effects of the film in the real world, such as “real Nemos” becoming extinct (prompting this petitionto protect the Blue Tang, Dory’s species), and fish restaurants being named Frying Nemo. Add to those the fact that the film is about “a dad coping with living through the first 10 minutes of a Pixar movie,” desperately searching for his lost son, I have to say this honest trailer isn’t a hilarious as previous films covered by Screen Junkies.

Of course, with Finding Dory coming up in theaters soon, the trailer also mentioned how they’re concerned for a chronically forgetful supporting character taking the spotlight in the Finding Nemo sequel.


Check it out:



Fortunately for Finding Dory fans, early reviews show that the Ellen DeGeneres’ character works perfectly fine in the film, despite her forgetfulness. One has to admit that Pixar’s 20-year formula for their films has worked time and again. Hopefully though, Finding Dory didn’t go “full Minion,” as the Finding Nemo Honest Trailer fears.

Finding Dory hits theaters Friday, June 17.

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