Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Update Lets Players Swap Noctis for Custom Avatar

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The Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition might just be the best version of this game. While it already has a number of improvements over the console versions, Square Enix announced one new update that will make PS4 and Xbox One owners jealous. Fans of the game's Comrades multiplayer expansion will be happy to know that they can use an avatar in the main game and play with him/her instead of Noctis.

Revealed by Square Enix (translated by Siliconera), players will be able to switch between the characters after talking to Avatara, who is dressed like Kenny Crow. From here, players will be able to venture into the main game's open-world with their personal avatar, which is a really nice touch. Playing as an avatar also means that you will be able to see other people's avatars in the game as ghosts.


It's not yet known if using avatars will have any restrictions since the main story does revolve around Noctis. Doing side quests as an avatar probably wouldn't hurt but it would be weird if it's the player's avatar who appears in all the cutscenes Noctis is active in.

This update isn't available yet for Western fans but has already been released in Japan. Expect this patch to hit the game sooner or later.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is available now.

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