Final Fantasy XV Sells More Than a Million Copies on Steam

While considered by many to be a controversial and unfinished mess, Final Fantasy XV is now a complete game that can be enjoyed. Well, as complete as it can be anyway. If you haven't tried the game yet, ditch the standard edition and treat yourself to either Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition, which has all the DLC on consoles or Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, which has all the DLC on, well, Windows computers.

It seems like patient PC players are what's been keeping this game alive since SteamSpy has claimed that the Steam version of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition has sold more than one million copies. Considering how this came out a significant amount of time after the PS4 and Xbox One version, this is kind of a big deal.

Square Enix has also reported that the game's overall sales are eight million, one million or more of which come from Steam sales and the rest coming from PS4 and Xbox One. While it's not clear if this is a mixture of the vanilla version of the game and the complete re-package with all the DLC, sales are sales and Square Enix is probably happy.

As someone who likes the gameplay of Final Fantasy XV a lot, I can see why a lot of people were disappointed initially. When it was first released, there were clearly story elements that were cut out or had not been completed yet. Square Enix would eventually release some of these as free updates but some fans could still feel the burn.

Say what you want about Kingdom Hearts 3 but that game doesn't feel incomplete. It's a hot mess sure but a mess that builds off the plotlines from several games prior.

Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition are now available on PS4 and Xbox One. Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition is now available on PC via Steam and other gaming outlets.

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