Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Isn't Getting a Physical Edition After All

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is coming out later this week and fans can't wait to get this game when it comes out. The remaster of this classic JRPG has improved character models and a number of basic improvements that will have fans over the moon for it, hence the excitement. However, it seems like a previously advertised facet about this game was false since it will not be getting a physical release.

Despite some advertisements from Play-Asia, Square Enix has confirmed that the game would only be getting a digital release. While far from a bad thing, this is still disappointing news for those that wanted to own this game in some physical form. It would be cool to see Square Enix re-release this in a physical formal, along with the remastered versions of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX but that won't be happening anytime soon.

These days, Final Fantasy VIII is considered to be one of the more controversial installments in the series. At the time, it was applauded for its graphics and storyline but fans have found some reasons to dislike the game ever since. Still, it's good to see Square Enix try and make as much of their past legacy available to gamers everywhere and we can hope for more of these re-releases soon.

On that note, please re-release the DS version of Chrono Trigger to other consoles. More people need to play this amazing game.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 3.

Via Siliconera

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