Final Fantasy VII Remake Shows Off Tifa's Somersault Limit Break

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is months away but it feels closer every time new pieces of info for the game are revealed. Most of the information for this remake has already been revealed but seeing bits and pieces for this title continues to be entertaining, especially for older fans of the game. We all knew that Limit Breaks for the game would stay but Square Enix has begun teasing them, starting with Tifa's Somersault.

Seeing this old-timey move in glorious HD definitely hits us in the nostalgia bone and shows that this game really is gorgeous. We know that some fans are ticked off over the lack of a proper turn-based battle system but there's no doubt that the battle system looks fun if a bit similar to Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts.

We probably won't see moves like Omnislash since they were obtained much later in the original game, Final Fantasy VII Remake is only going to cover the beginning until the Midgar plate falls (spoilers?). Still, there are a number of moves that we should be able to see in the remake, like Cloud's iconic Braver move.


Admittedly, the news would be more exciting if Final Fantasy VII Remake would cover the entire game and not just Midgar but let's not get too critical. Point is, the JRPG looks wicked and should be a fun time for all of us, even those that haven't played the original game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out on March 3, 2020, currently only for the PlayStation 4.

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