Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Says Fans Expecting Post-Game Content 'Won't Be Disappointed'

Final Fantasy VII Remake is an interesting game since it's only remaking the first few hours of the original title and expanding on it in many ways. This version of the game will make us care for supporting characters like Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge, along with a number of Midgar's citizens. Square Enix has also promised that this game would have just as much content as a modern Final Fantasy game but they never really expanded on that.

Well, thanks to an interview from Square Enix we now have an idea of how the game will be making itself meatier; endgame content. Fans usually love it when games give players things to do after beating it, whether it be secret bosses, extra missions, or just having the opportunity to play side quests that they may have missed. Co-director Naoki Hamaguchi didn't spoil us but he did tease post-game content.

We can't say exactly how much there is - we want to keep some surprises for players!
I will say, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has been designed as if it were a standalone game, and comparable in size to other mainline FINAL FANTASY games.
The content you mentioned from other FINAL FANTASY games… I don't want to say precisely what's in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, but if you're expecting endgame content, you won't be disappointed.

Exciting eh? While the lack of a playable Red XIII and post-Midgar content is disappointing, we are looking forward to seeing what else this game has in store for us.

Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out on April 10 for the PS4.

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