Final Divergent Film 'Ascendant' To Go Straight To TV

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Lionsgate is planning to conclude the Divergent Series with a television movie and a spinoff series, Variety reports.

Instead of having The Divergent Series: Ascendant open in theaters next year, the studio is planing to wrap up the film series on TV, according to Variety's source. The film would transition into a standalone television seies set in the same post-apocalyptic world.


While the first two Divergent films did well at the box office, the latest Allegiant, flopped in theaters last spring. The fourth and final film, Ascendant, was originally scheduled to release in theaters in June 2017, which would have squared off against the reboot of The Mummy and World War Z 2. Filming was originally scheduled this summer in Atlanta, but Allegiant's poor box office performance made them reconsider their plans for the franchise.

We still don't know if Shailene Woodley, Theo James, or Ansel Elgort will return for the final film, but it's hard to imagine the final film without them. It's sad that the franchise crashed to this level. I actually enjoyed watching the first movie, and I thought the franchise as a whole is more original than The Hunger Games.

The Divergent films, based on the best-selling Young-Adult series by Veonica oth, focuses on a futuristic society where people are broken up into social and personality-related factions.

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