Film Artist Creates Massive 15-Foot Star Wars Mural

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Photo Credit: YouTube/TheBoxOfficeArtist

You know an artist is a Star Wars fan when they paint a 15-foot mural in honor of Lucasfilm’s galaxy far, far away.


Artist James Raiz has just painted a huge Star Wars mural spanning  15 feet. Taking more than 450 hours spread over seven months to finish, the art piece combines all the different characters from all of seven films from Lucasfilm’s Star Wars saga as well as the studio’s first Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One . Raiz created the art piece to celebrate the franchise’s 40th anniversary last year.

 The art piece is pretty detailed, with so many faces and so many ships and  scenes from the film added into the mix.

Raiz also has videos showing off the process of working on the mural. A mix of Star Wars scenes and drawing clips, the video shows the story of how Raiz started working on the art piece. According to Raiz, he quit his high paying film job so that he could make art his way.

Check out the videos down here:


“All artists want to do is produce art on their terms. I wanted to make a living doing art my way. I know maybe that seems selfish, and I thought to myself, if I’m not going to do it now, then I’ll probably never get to do it,” the artist explained in one of his videos, “And the last thing I want to do is live life with the big R. The Regret.  You know what, now’s the time for me to try. Because the last thing I want to do is go through life without trying. And this is me trying.”  

After seven months of hard work, Raiz completed his art piece just in time for Star Wars 40thanniversary. So, it’s probably safe to say, that trying really paid off for Raiz.

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