11 Jul 2016 7:10 PM +00:00 UTC

Fear The Walking Dead's Lincoln Castellanos Teases How Tobias May Have Fled L.A.

If you're a fan of Fear the Waling Dead, you know Lincoln Castellanos as Tobias. In an interview at this weekend's Walker Stalker Con in Edison, New Jersey, Castellanos gave his thoughts on how Tobias might have made it out of a zombie-plagued Los Angeles.

"He may have hitched a ride with someone. He's a young, nerdy kid, he may not even know how to drive,"Castellanos said.

Although Tobias seems to have made his getaway, we might not have seen the last of his character on the show. In an interview for Melty at the London Walker Stalker Con, Castellanos said, "…I don't think it's a question of if he'll come back, it's really more of when. When will be the right time for him to return, and what condition will he return in?"


And in an interview with Yahoo! TV, showrunner Dave Erickson said, "I cannot promise that [we'll see Tobias] in the body of the season. I can say this: I love Lincoln as an actor, and I love that character. I know he is a fan favorite, and I am trying to figure out a dynamic by which we can get to tell the Tobias story. I am exploring it, and I can't promise anything, but I am exploring it."

Castellanos also gave his thoughts on what he'd do to survive a zombie apocalypse. His weapon of choice would be a samurai sword. And as for where he'd go to escape the undead, he says he'd opt for high ground.

"High ground is key. I'd want to go to a shut down Costco and go to the roof," he said.

One of the questions that a lot of zombiephiles have asked themselves is, if the zombie apocalypse actually came to pass and you could only save one person, who would it be? Castellanos said that, of course his first choice would be one of his family members. But if they didn't make it, he'd have a backup.

"[I'd save] my old roommate, my best friend Charlie. It would be like Shaun of the Dead," he said.

Fear the Walking Dead's mid-season return is scheduled for August 21.