Fear The Walking Dead: Daniel And His Cat Take On Walkers In First 5 Minutes Of Skidmark

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The fifth season of Fear The Walking Dead has been quite exciting for fans now that it has been revealed that Daniel Salazar is alive and well and living with an adorable orange tabby cat. Now the first five minutes of the next episode confirms that the feline named Skidmark plays a huge role in keeping Salazar alive.

The opening scene of Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 reveals a day in the life of Daniel, which is all about checking on traps he has set and effectively using his furry friend to get rid of walkers. It's a smart idea but cat lovers are still concerned that their little trick might actually get Skidmark (yes, that's the kitty's name) killed. Nevertheless, the two of them manage to survive each day going about their routine.

The glimpse into Daniel's life certainly confirms that a lot has changed since he almost died in the dam in the previous season. Salazar has since been setting traps and scavenging goods to get by, and he's lucky enough to find the company who is willing to help him out. But is there any chance that Daniel will eventually rejoin the group in the upcoming episode?


People are understandably concerned about the cat because Episode 4 is titled Skidmark. Although there is a possibility that this could mean the cat will play a huge role in the episode, it might also mean he could suffer the same fate as poor old Shiva from The Walking Dead. The tiger had sacrificed her own life to save Ezekiel in the original series. Will Skidmark do the same for Daniel?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 will air on AMC on June 23.

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