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Fantasy Flight Announces X-Wing Miniatures Game 2.0

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Fans of Star Wars and tabletop games have been enjoying the X-Wing miniatures game from Fantasy Flight, and now the company is announcing their second edition of the game complete with new cards, new figures, and new rules.

As per Fantasy Flight, X-Wing has grown massively ever since its release back in 2012. With the second edition out, they have "refined" some gameplay aspects and even added an element of "The Force" that players can use.

The First Edition of the game has now reached up to fourteen waves with 58 different starships. You can also look online for multiple tournaments and strategy guides for the game. With that in mind, I can imagine the outrage of people who have been collecting and playing the game for years. They shouldn't worry though, as Fantasy Flight will be releasing some ‘Conversion Kits' that won't render your initial kit completely useless.

What's also useful is that X-Wing is making an official builder app that will make your squadrons easier to manage. There were already some unofficial ones in the app store, but they will probably be rendered useless with this second edition out.

The updated X-Wing is aiming for a release on Sept. 13. You can read more about it here.

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