04 Sep 2021 5:40 PM +00:00 UTC

Fantastic Four Star Miles Teller Under Fire for Spreading COVID-19 After Refusing Vax

Credit: Fox

Fantastic Four actor Miles Teller is the latest actor to fall victim to the COVID-19 virus but instead of people expressing their concern for the actor's well-being, the 34-year-old star is currently under fire for reportedly bringing the dreaded virus to the set of his upcoming The Godfather spinoff series. According to a scoop from The Daily Mail, Teller actually refused to get vaccinated for COVID and even declined to get tested.

The report claims that Teller tested positive in Los Angeles while filming the Paramount+ project and the situation would cause a great deal of panic on set, ultimately halting production. Of course, the issue would spread like wildfire all over social media and Teller received nuclear heat following the on-set incident. On Twitter, the former Reed Richards actor was berated by fans for his "selfish" and "irresponsible" act that cost The Offer millions due to production delay.

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Credit: fox

Naturally, Teller's representatives quickly denied reports but declined to give an official word regarding the matter. Several hours after the issue blew up, the actor even took to social media to share a photo from The Offer's filming, seemingly dismissing all accusations thrown at him.

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I still don't get why some people are choosing to stay ignorant regarding the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines against the life-threatening COVID virus despite the fact that countless research already confirmed that it'll be vital in saving lives in the long run.

I mean, sure, everyone has the liberty to choose whether or not they'd like to get vaccinated but in Teller's case, the least he could've done was get tested for the virus and helped stop the spread of it. What's even worse is that he seems unapologetic about it and doesn't hold himself accountable for what happened. Bad form, Miles Teller. Bad form.

Meanwhile, The Offer is expected to drop in 2022.