Fantastic Four: Rumored Reed Richards Actor Breaks Silence on Casting Report

A lot of MCU fans have been anticipating the official casting news for the Fantastic Four as they're finally set to have their own solo movie in the franchise this coming 2025. For the past several months, we've been hearing a lot of rumors and speculations regarding the casting although none of them have been confirmed yet.

One of the actors that are being rumored to play the MCU's Reed Richards is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Glenn Howerton. While we don't have any definitive confirmation yet, some fans are getting behind on the possibility of his casting in the role.

In a recent interview with The Movie Dweeb YouTube channel (via The Direct), Howerton addressed the rumors where he discussed his friendship with the film's director Matt Shakman and his interest in potentially taking the role if Marvel calls him.

"Somehow, in my mind, there’s no chance that anything that I will ever do will be watched by people, and I don’t know what that is, I think it’s this sort of perpetual underdog thing that I feel, which makes no sense," he said.

"But, no, look, it would be super fun, and obviously, the director, Matt Shakman, is a very close friend and an absolutely incredible director, so it’d be super fun to work with him again. But ain't nobody called me about that yet, but I would accept that phone call."

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After the host showed his support for the actor's casting in the role, Howerton joked that he will give a portion of his salary to him.

"You get me Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four movie, I’ll give you 75% of my...," the actor jokingly declared. "And by the way, I’m not joking, because I know they’re not gonna pay me that much anyways. It’s not gonna make that much of a dent. You go get me that role, I’ll give you 75%, that’s the deal."

Based on his comments, it sounds like Howerton is definitely down to potentially play the role and become one of the smartest people in the MCU (if not the most).

Obviously, we're still a bit ways off from finding out who will play the First Family in the MCU. If Howerton does end up getting cast in the role, there are fans who will definitely support it based on some of the fan-casting speculations that we've been seeing around the web.

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Fantastic Four is slated for release in theaters on February 14, 2025. You can check more details about it here.

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