Fantastic Four Director on Whether There Will Be a 'Trank Cut'

It looks like everyone's looking for a director's cut now.

Last week, Warner Brothers announced the release of Zack Snyder's highly-demanded cut of Justice League, the 2017 DC Extended Universe entry that flopped because of the studio's intervention. Now, that years of fan petitioning and campaigning have pulled off, the success of the Snyder Cut movement has gotten other pop culture fans hoping for the director's cut of other films.

Not only have there been campaigns for David Ayer's version of Suicide Squad, but it seems like Marvel fans are asking for Josh Trank's cut of the Fantastic Four reboot.

Taking to Twitter, fans have started inciting hope for the "Trank Cut," telling the director that they're going to rally behind his version of Fantastic Four.

However, it seems like Trank isn't as eager for the director's cut of the movie as much as the fanbase is. After a fan tweeted out saying that the fanbase would be "coming for" Fantastic Four, the director decided to shoot down the post.

"No need," Trank responded.

It seems like Trank isn't interested in getting his version of Fantastic Four out to the public. A major flop during its release, Fox's Fantastic Four reboot was bogged down by major production issues including Trank's decision to leave the project just as it was about to complete principal photography.

The director probably is still holding some bitterness towards the studio and doesn't want to touch on the project any more than he already has.

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