Fantastic Beasts 2: Johnny Depp Surprises SDCC Panel as Grindelwald

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Johnny Depp may have had a small cameo as Grindelwald in the first Fantastic Beasts film, but with the sequel, he's taking center stage as one of the baddest wizards around. To help promote the film at SDCC 2018, Depp actually dressed up and surprised the audience in character.

Here's also a recording of his appearance at the con:


I'll admit, I thought Depp should have delivered his lines with a little more gusto, but maybe that's just the quality of sound with the video. Ever since the last Pirates film, I'm getting a feeling that Depp has gotten less enthusiastic onscreen.

Despite having some bad press recently, WB is still pushing forward with having Depp part of their movie. Unsurprisingly, some fans were not happy to see him take the stage. Only time will tell how far Depp will ride on this Wizarding World franchise.

Admittedly, I was a big fan of Depp before all this reports of his behavior came out to the public. I'm just hoping the guy manages to get back on his feet. He's a fantastic talent, and I'd hate for him to continue this slow free-fall of his career.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald comes out Nov. 16.

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