Fans are Only Finding Out that Elizabeth Olsen Dumped Sandman Star Boyd Holbrook

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Credit: Marvel Studios

There's no denying that Boyd Holbrook's Hollywood career is finally taking off. While the 40-year-old actor is by no means a rookie in the acting world, his involvement in Netflix's Sandman series has introduced him to casual audiences and now, seemingly everyone can't stop buzzing about Holbrook who plays Corinthian in the Neil Gaiman adaptation.

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Credit: Netlflix

Naturally, Boyd's new fans have been doing some digging on his personal life and most of them are shocked to learn that he was once romantically involved with Marvel star Elizabeth Olsen. The pair met in 2012 on the set of their film Very Good Girls where they instantly clicked. They later confirmed their engagement in March 2014 but would then call it quits in October of that year.

It wasn't until 2015 when Holbrook opened up about their breakup, claiming that the WandaVision star dumped her on the phone and coincidentally, it happened on the same day his best friend died.

According to gossip, Holbrook allegedly cheated on Olsen which led to the actress souring on their relationship. Now, fans are expressing their surprise after just finding out about the pair's short-lived romance.

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Rumors about Holbrook cheating on Olsen have yet to be confirmed to this day and I guess we'll never truly know what went down between the two. I gotta say though, it's great that both actors are experiencing a great deal of success in their respective careers despite their relationship not working out.

Meanwhile, DC's Sandman is streaming on Netflix.

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