04 Jul 2016 12:03 PM +00:00 UTC

Fan Used New Minecraft Blocks to Create a Pokemon Demo Game

What do you get if you combine two very popular and long-standing franchises together? Well, a very neat fan-made creation.

Over at Reddit, there’s a neat video that shows just what you will get when you try to use the best of Minecraft and the appeal of Pokemon into one simple build. One YouTube user Reqaug has created a little block project using the latest 1.10 update for Minecraft to create a Game Boy Advance version of Pokemon Red.

The video shows glimpses of a level editor and you can retexture it as well. And the neat thing is that the Game Boy advance is also recreated block per block. According to the maker, Redstone was used for the project.


As seen in the video, it is not a full game. The purpose of the video was to show off how structure blocks ca be used to create the project. But the good news is that the creator is also already working on the next step of the project, which is to include Pokemon battles.

The creator has detailed what he did to create the demo video:

“All the structure blocks are separated in different layers. Each layer represents their separate area or ‘display.’ When entering the pokecenter for example, the layer for the pokecenter gets cloned to right behind the display. The structure blocks get powered, and all the tiles appear on the screen. When moving around all the structure blocks are simply cloned one tile in the right direction.”

The project is available via Planet Minecraft. It’s certainly a work in progress, but at least Reqaug is still devoting time to it.