Fan Makes Impressive Batman v Superman Trailer, Civil War Style

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YouTuber The VGC is a fan of the Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl TV spot. In fact, the YouTuber enjoyed the Super Bowl spot so much that he/she decided to use its treatment to create a new Batman v Superman trailer. The result? Simply awesome.

The VGC recreated his own Civil War style Batman v Superman trailer after noticing that the chant sounded similar to the Bane Chant in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Choosing from the trailers of the two upcoming superhero movies, I honestly like the Civil War trailermore. I think it gave more depth and intensity to the hero’s struggles and it made me more excited to see the showdown between Captain America and Iron Man’s teams.


Nevertheless, with this new creation by The VGC, fans are given a taste of both universes. It actually even looks like it’s a new Batman v Superman trailer altogether.


See The VGC’s amazing edit below: