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Fan-Made VALORANT Animation Shows Agents Battling It Out in Haven

Although Riot Games has already teamed-up with Netflix to produce a League of Legends animated series called Arcane, the company still hasn't announced any plans for a VALORANT animated series. Of course, fans want to find out more about the tactical shooter's mysterious lore, but it looks like they will have to wait longer to get more story details from future updates. 

However, some fans have already made some funny parodies and animated videos to fill the void with humor, and YouTuber SumMonkey has released a hilarious animated video titled Cobblestone Radiants that show us "how low ranking players end up playing against high ranking individuals". 


The video features various agents like Jett, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, Yoru, Cypher, Sova, and Omen battling it out in Haven (the only map with three bomb sites). While Jett and Phoenix are at Heaven of A Site, Yoru and Reyna try to attack, but Raze ends up blasting Reyna, and Phoenix stumbles as he tries to run down the stairs from Heaven. 

At C Site, Cypher uses his surveillance camera to spot any enemies running down C long, and he ends up sniping down Sova with his Operator, but Omen is able to sneak behind him for a melee kill. 

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The animation is pretty brutal, and it kinds of reminds us of the Robot Chicken parorides back in the day. Hopefully, we see more entertaining VALORANT fan animated videos like this. 

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