Fan-Favorite Young Justice Villain Almost Made it to The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is looking like a pretty good DCEU film and one that could be better than the 2016 movie, most likely due to the involvement of James Gunn. It seems like he's done more of his homework than David Ayer did, filling this team with B-listers and teasing that a number of them will be dying like a proper Suicide Squad story from the ‘80s. While we dig who has been confirmed, some fans were hoping to see the ridiculous Sportsmaster make his live-action debut.

When a fan asked Gunn on Instagram about the character, Gunn did confirm that he thought about adding Sportsmaster to the group. He would have been a fun villain to watch since the character likes to use sports-related material to commit crimes, making him a fairly silly bad guy. However, Sportsmaster was treated with respect in Young Justice and fans actually liked him there so it is kind of a shame that he won't be appearing in live-action anytime soon.

James Gunn CONFIRMS he considered using Sportsmaster (Idris's rumored character) for The Suicide Squad.

Still, when you have characters like Ratchather, T.D.K., Peacemaker, Weasel, and King Shark, it's hard to complain about who was chosen for The Suicide Squad. A number of them will probably die and those scenes will hopefully be entertaining, though we would all be pretty sad if they choose to kill off King Shark. Like, he's so cute, why would you kill him?

The Suicide Squad is slated for an August 2021 release.

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