Famous Magic: The Gathering Cosplayer Played Swiss Nationals as Shadowstorm Vizier

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Image: Wizards of the Coast/Illustrated by Yongjae Choi

Over the weekend, famous Magic: The Gathering cosplayer Nadine Grendelmeier, a.k.a. NissaCosplay participated in the Swiss Magic Nationals this year and she played in the whole event as Shadowstorm Vizier, a Human Cleric introduced in the Amonkhet set. For your reference, here's the card:

The cosplayer even placed 9th on tiebreakers!

NissaCosplay shared her Shadowstorm Vizier cosplay photo on Twitter, and she looks fantastic! Check it out:


Wow! That's probably one of her best cosplays yet. If they make a Magic: The Gathering feature film, they should definitely cast her to play a character. As you can see above, NissaCosplay even used that awesome 25th Anniversary Pro Tour playmat at the Swiss Nationals, so I think that's cool.This isn't the first time NissaCosplay dressed up as a Magic character in a high-level Magic event. According to several Redditors, she made it to Day 2 of Grand Prix Seattle as Huatli. Being a skilled Magic player and stunning cosplayer is a rare combination, and I hope she continues to cosplay while being part of Magic tournaments.

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