Fallout 76 Will Be Online 'Forever' According to Pete Hines

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Fallout 76 is only a week away and fans of the long-running franchise are ecstatic about it. Though some were initially turned off by the fact that it would require online connectivity for constant play time, most eventually warmed up to the idea once Bethesda made it clear that working with other people wasn't necessary to progress in the game.

Now, fans are probably going to wonder how long the online servers are going to run. Most online games don't last forever and some of them even have short lifespans, like the tragic Lawbreakers. However, Bethesda head Pete Hines seems pretty confident in the game's online life and joked to GameSpot that their support would last "forever" before elaborating on why that joke answer isn't impossible.

"How long is [Fallout 76] going to be up? Forever. I don't know how to give an answer other than that. It's not like anybody makes a game and goes, 'Well this is going to make it for 10 years if we're lucky.' Nobody thinks that way. How long has WoW been up now? Is that game planning to sunset in a year? I seriously doubt it."

Hines does make a good point since World of Warcraft is still popular to this day so the fact that they might be supporting Fallout 76 for a long time isn't impossible. Bethesda still offers support for Elder Scrolls Online so it seems like the company has a solid grasp on what it takes to keep an online game alive.

With only a few weeks away before its release, fans are hoping that the game lives up to the hype, or at the least, is as good as Fallout 3 and 4. If it takes some online play to make it better than Bethesda will take that chance. Some would argue that New Vegas is a bit better than both of those games but that's a different argument altogether.

Fallout 76 comes out on November 16 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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