Fallout 4 Modder Pulls Off Some Crazy Trick Shots

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Many of us have seen the popular “trick shot” videos online, where people get basketballs through hoops using wildly inventive ideas. What most of us haven't seen, however, are trick shot montages set inside a video game. Youtube and modder DefendTheHouse has posted some awesome gameplay footage of him doing some basketball trick shots in Fallout 4, in a video aptly named “Ballout 4.”

In this video, there are some awesome basketball stunts, such as the modder shooting the ball with a handgun to propel it into the basket, and dropping a ball down a set of stairs, causing it to bounce into the hoop. There's even one trick shot that utilizes a sniper rifle. It's all pretty impressive, and makes me wonder what kind of creative things the modding community will come up with next. Take a moment to appreciate modders like DefendTheHouse by checking out the video below!