Falcon and Winter Soldier Disney+ Series Gets Official Logo

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With Disney+ officially getting a release date and a slate of shows, it looks like fans have a lot of things to contemplate when it comes to budgets and what they want to watch. Granted, Netflix still has more original shows and anime but there will definitely be some who won't be able to resist the new Marvel shows and classic Disney programs.

Speaking of Marvel shows, Disney just revealed the logo for their upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier series. On one hand, this is annoying since we now know this will be set after Avengers: Endgame and these two will be coming back from the snap. That being said, the two had some really fun moments during Captain America: Civil War and it will be interesting seeing how both characters react to each other after Endgame, assuming that a certain character ends up dying.

Falcon & Winter Soldier Official Logo

The logo is, well, a logo. There's nothing particularly wrong about it and fans will appreciate how, uh, Marvel--ish it looks. Whether this show is a mini-series or becomes an ongoing serial isn't known yet but that's probably part of the appeal for those speculating about Disney+ and its contents.


Falcon and Winter Soldier doesn't have a release date, as of this writing. Disney+ comes out on November 12 and will be $6.99 a month when it launches.

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