Fake Star Wars Skywalker Facts Flood the Internet on May the 4th

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It's finally May the 4th, and while everyone's being forced to stay at home to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, Star Wars fans continue to celebrate Star Wars Day, albeit, in an odd way.

Taking to Twitter, Star Wars fans have decided to share their takes on what Lucasfilm's Star Wars saga actually is by giving away fake Star Wars facts.

There are a lot of fun tweets where Star Wars fans say that the franchise began with a muppet movie, Darth Vader was actually a woman, and that a group of Skywalkers is actually called a cookout.

Check out some of the tweets down here:

Star Wars fans sure are having fun today.

And why shouldn't day? Sure, fans can't really rush out to buy the latest Baby Yoda toy, but Star Wars orders are always open online. Disney's made sure that stores are stocked and ready for for May the 4th.

That's not all. The House of Mouse has been keeping fans busy with new Star Wars content today. The series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is finally out, and so is Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, the new documentary for Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has been made available on Disney+ too. It's a big day for everyone who's fallen in love with Lucasfilm's galaxy far, far away.

The organizers of Star Wars Celebration also have an online Star Wars convention called An Online Revelry: May the 4th Be With You and Revenge of the 5th where fans get live-tweets of episodes of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. There are also question and answer sessions with Star Wars voice actors, prize give aways, and a whole lot more.

May the Fourth be with everyone today!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is available for streaming on Disney+.

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