Fable 4: Everything We Know

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The word Fable in gold letters. In the background is a forest, and beyond that a citadel on a hill
Credit: Microsoft/Playground Game
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Fans of Fable have been waiting patiently for any news of a follow-up game. The good news, is that we already knew there were plans in place for a new Fable game. It was announced back in 2020 that a new Fable was in the works. We also know that Lionhead Studios, the company behind the previous games, is not involved.

We've rounded up everything else we know about Fable 4, including the latest trailer, and the other rumors that have been doing the rounds. Here's everything you need to know.


Fable 4 Release Date

At the moment, there is no confirmed release date for the new Fable game. But we do know it has been in the works for several years now. A tweet posted by one of the developers for the game has confirmed that he has been working on the game for four years now. We don't know what the implications are in terms of a release date. But it's certainly encouraging that the game has been in development for so long already.

On an IGN podcast with Phil Spencer, he suggested it will arrive before The Elder Scrolls 6. Which also doesn't have a release date. Best guess? Maybe 2022. But don't be surprised if it's 2023.


Fable 4 PlayStation Version

If you're a Fable fan hoping for a PlayStation version...we wouldn't count on it. Fable has long been an Xbox exclusive, and there are no indications of that changing. The development of this game is being undertaken by Playground Games. This is the team behind Forza Horizon, which is, of course, another Xbox exclusive. It's highly unlikely that we will see this appear on PlayStation.

On the other hand, Xbox Game Pass fans should be very happy. Given that this is an Xbox exclusive title, you can expect to have access to it from day one.


Will Fable 4 Have Cars In It?

Given the involvement of a developer who specializes in creating beautiful racing games, there have been concerns that Fable might lose some of its essence. But Phil Spencer was quick to tell fans not to worry, and to "take confidence" in Playground Games. In the podcast we mentioned above, he talks specifically about the game retaining its "light-hearted British tone". Don't expect any Forza-style cars. But there's certainly plenty of encouraging signs that we can look forward to.

What Else Do We Know?

We know there's a very talented team of people behind this project. Paweł Kapała moved from CD Projekt Red to take the lead on combat in Fable. Anna Megill, who was a senior writer and narrative lead for Control, joined Playground Games as the lead writer. And Steve Thornton, who has prior experience working on titles such as Halo Infinite and Assassin's Creed Odyssey, is Associate Chief Designer for the game.


This is all very encouraging. You have a studio that makes the visually stunning Forza games. A developer with experience in The Witcher series directing how combat will work. And writers and designers with experience on a host of top titles. It certainly bodes well. The game is also rumored to be using the same ForzaTech engine which underpins the Forza games.

Why is this exciting? Well, according to a job ad posted earlier this year, Turn10 Studios were looking for a Software Engineer to "support an open world action RPG – Fable". An open-world Fable really would be exciting.

Fable 4 Trailer

While everything else remains somewhat uncertain, the early signs are certainly very encouraging. The trailer that we have seen, is a promising start. As always, we'll keep you updated as soon as we hear anything else.