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Ezra Miller's Latest Controversy Could Affect His DCEU Future

Credit: WB

The Flash actor Ezra Miller is already no stranger to controversy and despite the shiny personality that we oftentimes see on camera, the 29-year-old is notorious for his eccentric behavior. Earlier this week, the actor was once again involved in a scandal involving two people who were guests at a local bar in Hawaii where he happens to be hanging out.

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Credit: WB

A separate incident occurred following his bar meltdown where he allegedly threatened to murder a couple and burn them alive. The couple in question, Stoyan Kojouharov and Niegel Hayes filed a temporary restraining order against Miller on Tuesday (via The Direct) with a court hearing officially set for April 13.

Now that things have escalated to a legal level, it looks like Warner Bros. will be forced to meddle with the issue. The real question is, what does this mean for Ezra's DCEU career especially considering he is set to headline his own film? Several sources speculate that Miller's career could be in major jeopardy amid his latest scandal.

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While I'm in no position to talk about this, it's quite evident that Ezra needs to seek professional help because his antics aren't something a sane individual would do. The man is clearly a loose cannon and he should get his act straight before he actually causes harm not only to the people around him but to himself as well.

As for Miller's DCEU status, it's possible that WB will intervene and reprimand him for his worrying behavior but it's also worth noting that the studio has a history of choosing to keep mum about certain issues in the past involving their talent, so the idea of them letting this one die down wouldn't come as a surprise.

Meanwhile, The Flash is now scheduled for release on June 23, 2023.

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