EXO: Kai Shares Member's Shocking Feedback Following Comeback

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

EXO member Kai made a solo comeback on November 30 with his mini-album, Peaches. As part of the promotion, he appeared as a guest on MBC’s FM4U’s Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope.

In one of the segments, the Mmmh singer revealed the feedback he obtained from D.O. regarding the concept photo for his new album. To his surprise, however, it was not entirely a compliment, as reported by AllKpop.

What D.O. Told Kai About The Photo

Kai shared that D.O. first sent him his own concept photo. He thought that his hyung would say he looked good.

But, instead, he rhetorically asked, “What is this,” adding that it is “not the Jong In” he knows.

The Ride or Die artist, then explained that his new album has two versions: Peaches and Kisses. He said that D.O. was referring to the Kisses concept photos, so he showed him the ones from the Peaches version.

Upon seeing them, his EXO co-member acknowledged that it is the “right concept” for him. D.O. told Kai that it “looks good.”

Kai Answers More Questions About Other EXO Members

Kai’s revelations came after answering a few “funny” questions about his co-members. In relation to D.O., he said that he always receives a lot of feedback from him, alongside Baekhyun.

The Peaches artist also chose a 7-year-old Baekhyun instead of having seven 30-year-old Baekhyuns. Although there is not much of a difference, he noted that he could not control the seven of them.

Kai had to choose between Sehun as his dad or as his son, as well. He picked him as his father because “he is a reliable member.”

A Comeback With Peaches

Peaches is Kai’s second solo album. It houses a total of six tracks, making it a mini-song collection.

It dropped exactly one year after his solo debut. The K-pop star clarified, however, that it was not intentional, and “it just took a long time to prepare.”

The EXO member said that it took some time because of the “constant evaluation” to ensure the quality of the album. He also revealed that the production process was not a “relaxed” one.

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