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EXO D.O. Workout 2022: How Kyungsoo Stays In Shape Explained

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

EXO D.O. is reportedly one of the two members who are not fond of working out. Netizens claimed in a forum discussion that he and Chen are not fans of going to the gym, unlike the rest of the group.

Several other fans seemingly agree with the assertions. But, no confirmations have been made, and the idol themselves have not acknowledged such reports.

Nevertheless, some followers noticed that D.O. has built and improved his figure over the years, especially when he began to become more active in his acting career.

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How EXO D.O. Stays In Shape, Fit

As to how exactly D.O. exercises for his fitness and health, no one can confirm. He himself does not talk about the matter even during engagements and interviews.

But, as an active K-pop group, the EXO members likely do rehearsals regularly. Much like other acts in the space, there is a possibility that they practice dance steps and choreographies every day.

Dancing is already enough exercise, especially if done for a few hours regularly.

It is also worth noting that the Pure Love actor is close with his co-member Kai, who is one of the fittest members in the group. Accordingly, he likely joins him in some of his workout sessions, doing some cardio routines and bodyweight exercises at times.

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Kyungsoo And His Love For Cooking

Aside from dancing and possibly doing some exercises from time to time, it is likely that D.O. maximizes his skills in cooking to help him with his overall fitness and health. Fans and followers know he loves cooking so much that he even became an official cook during his service in the army.

In mid-2019, an associate from service shared that the EXO member had been assigned to cooking duties. SM Entertainment, later on, confirmed the matter with the public, according to Koreaboo.

Apart from cooking for the army, D.O. also cooks for his co-members every day. He is even deemed the “mother” of the group inside their shared dorm.

Watch this space for more EXO D.O. news.

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