Ex-Superman Actor Henry Cavill Confirms New Role After Shocking DCU Ousting

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Credit: WB

It goes without saying that 2022 has been a roller coaster of a year for Henry Cavill. Just two months after breaking the news online that he'll be returning as Superman in the DC Universe and exiting Netflix's The Witcher, the 39-year-old British actor announced this week that he has once again been booted out as the Man of Steel amid DC Studios' restructuring of the franchise.

Credit: WB

Naturally, fans are overcome with fury and at the same time feel sorry for Cavill who lost two high-profile roles. Well, it looks like he hasn't entirely run out of luck because Henry himself has confirmed that he's working on a brand new project which will see him star and executive produce.

Following reports from various outlets, Cavill confirmed on his official Instagram page that he's setting up a cinematic universe based on the hit tabletop game Warhammer 40,000. The said project has found its home over at Amazon and the actor is collaborating with Vertigo's Natalie Viscuso.

According to Cavill, who claims to have 22 years of experience in the department, he has long dreamt of seeing the Warhammer universe be brought to live-action. In a statement he posted, the actor wrote: "For 30 years I have dreamt of seeing a Warhammer universe in live action. Now, after 22 years of experience in this industry, I finally feel that I have the skill set and experience to guide a Warhammer Cinematic Universe into life. Partnering with Natalie Viscuso at Vertigo has been a blessing beyond words, without her we might not have found the perfect home at Amazon. And having a home like Amazon will give us the freedom to be true to the massive scope of Warhammer. To all of you Warhammer fans out there, I promise to respect this IP that we love. I promise to bring you something familiar. And I endeavour to bring you something fantastic that is, as of yet, unseen."

While no timeline has been set, Cavill shares that they've already taken their first steps to finding the project's director, creator, and writer.

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It's been a bittersweet year for Henry but at least he's ending 2022 on a high note. Hopefully, 2023 will treat him a little better because he deserves all the success in the world for being one of the most passionate actors in the industry.

Details about Amazon's live-action Warhammer 40,000 project remain under wraps.