Ewan McGregor Shares New Details About Upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi Series

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One of the biggest questions Star Wars fans were left with after seeing Revenge of the Sith was what exactly was Obi-Wan Kenobi up to during the nearly two-decade gap in between the said film and A New Hope. And with Disney+ taking on the reins of finally revealing the answer with a new stand-alone series, fans have been clamoring for more details and Ewan McGregor is finally letting out a few teasers.

In the latest issue of Men's Journal, the actor confirmed that the show will consist of six one-hour-long episodes. Although he admits that he is not at liberty to give out any details, he shares how he has been lying to fans for years.

"It's a f*cking massive relief," he said. "Because for four years, I've been having to lie to people about it." He also gave out a few more obvious details about the upcoming show, such as its exact timeline within the universe.

"The storyline sits between Episode III and Episode IV," McGregor explained. "The Jedi Order was falling apart. It will be interesting to take a character we know in a way and show him—Well, his arc will be quite interesting, I think, dealing with that the fact that all the Jedi were slaughtered with the end of Episode III. It's quite something to get over."

One tidbit some fans may not know about McGregor is that he has never seen his own Star Wars films since their release and in preparation for his return as our favorite hermit, he hopes to embody the role as Alec Guinness played him. "I want to get closer and closer to how Obi-Wan felt while Alec Guinness was playing him," McGregor said. "I feel like I'm grayer and nearer him in age, so it'll be easier to do that."

Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy already confirmed that the scripts for the series have been written during Disney's D23 Expo last August. However, filming is not scheduled to start until 2020.

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