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Evil Season 3 Release Date Window Announced, More Seasons Hinted

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This is the only evil news we want to hear: Evil Season 3 will premiere in the summer of 2022 on Paramount+!

The show follows priest-in-training David Acosta (Mike Colter), forensic psychologist Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers), and skeptical tech expert Ben Shakir (Aasif Mandvi) as they verify the claims of demonic possession for the Catholic Church while questioning how the lines between science and religion account for modern-day evils.

Paramount Announces Evil Season 3 Release Date Window

As part of Paramount+'s TCA presentation, it has been revealed that Evil Season 3 will premiere on the streaming service in summer 2022. Despite the lack of a specific release date, the announcement is consistent with the show's last installment.

Evil Season 2 premiered in June 2021. It was completed in October and consisted of 13 episodes released on a weekly basis. If Evil Season 3 follows suit, fans may be in for a terrifying summer that lasts until Halloween.

Evil Likely To Go Beyond Season 3

In response to the many unanswered concerns raised by Evil Season 2, co-creators Robert and Michelle King hinted that the supernatural thriller may be renewed for several more seasons. They said that certain questions will be resolved quickly, while others would take years to unravel.

The Kings are no strangers to long-running acclaimed dramas, having co-created The Good Wife and its offshoot The Good Fight. Given the genre elements, Evil may be a different beast.

Many viewers will want to know what happened to Sheryl (Christine Lahti) and Leland (Michael Emerson). One subject that will almost certainly be addressed is the significance of David and Kristen's kiss in the Season 2 finale.

What is the Plot of Evil Season 3?

At its core, Evil is comprised of two plots: the "demon-of-the-week" cases, in which David, Kristen, and Ben investigate supernatural events, and the show's bigger narrative and more character-driven stories, which develop and change over the course of each season.

Season 2 concludes with David's ordination and nearly immediate abrogation of his vows to Kristen, so it's a cliffhanger that will undoubtedly be addressed in Season 3.

As the protagonists delve deeper into the show's lore and confront their own impulses toward evil, Evil Season 3 will undoubtedly feature interesting new cases.

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