Everything That Went Down on the Star Trek Universe Panel During Comic-Con@Home

The Star Trek Universe panel for Comic-Con@Home has ended but it sure left a lasting impression on fans of this long-running franchise. While it doesn't compare to a more personal show with a live-crowd, being able to see actors from the various programs from CBS was nice. Being witness to new announcements like Star Trek: Prodigy and witnessing an exclusive clip for Star Trek: Lower Decks was also pretty cool.

So, what say we recap everything that happened eh?

Dominic Patten, the senior editor of Deadline, moderated over the whole Star Trek Universe panel, which made for a pretty consistent show. We started with executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin, who talked about the future of this franchise and even brought up the previously-mentioned Prodigy series.

We then moved on to the table read featuring the cast of Star Trek: Discovery. They redid the Discovery Season 2 finale "Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2" and had one hell of a time doing so. Everyone then proceeded to answer some fan questions, with some of the highlights being hints at Michelle Yeoh's upcoming spin-off series and how certain character arcs would play out during Strange New Worlds, particularly for Spock and Captain Pike.

After all of that, we quickly moved into the Star Trek: Lower Decks portion of this Star Trek Comic-Con panel where they showed off a new clip from the show. The humor is Rick and Morty-esque so if you love that show, great but if you don't, you're in for a weird time. It was a fun first look and are interested in seeing how the show separates itself from other adult animated shows.

Finally, we ended with Star Trek: Picard, where they finally got to discuss the show's first season. This is actually a reunion of sorts from last year's Comic-Con where they were simply discussing how the show would be. The cast got to discuss working with each other, with Sir Patrick Stewart being the butt of some jokes like trying to memorize the names of new actors he has to work with.

Unfortunately, no clip for Picard Season 2 but given the COVID-19 crisis, we can all understand why.

What did you guys think of the Star Trek Universe panel during Comic-Con@Home? Let us know in the comments below.

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