18 Dec 2019 12:12 PM +00:00 UTC

Eternals' Salma Hayek Geeks Out Over Kumail Nanjiani's Transformation

Kumail Nanjiani is best known for his comedy work, but everyone's collective jaw dropped when he revealed his body transformation for Marvel's upcoming Eternals movie. What's funny is, even his co-star Salma Hayek is geeking out over it.

Here's her post:

If you're curious about the Spanish portion of the tweet, it's basically just the first sentence translated.


We don't really know what Nanjiani's role as Kingo will result to, but with all his work, I'm sure the movie is going to give us that obligatory shirtless shot that we get with every standalone; while Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth seem to be used to it, even funny guys Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt had to do the same "money shot" for their films.

Then again, the concept art for the film has shown some costumes that cover the full body. Brie Larson had been teasing her workout way before Captain Marvel came out, and maybe she was personally bummed that you couldn't really see her progress since her outfit covered most of her muscles. Then again, that's just me speculating.

For now, Marvel Studios is focused on the release of Black Widow next year, but it's possible we could be getting our first teaser for this film when that movie comes out in May. Even then, Marvel will have to find a way to promote it during the same time as the upcoming Disney+ show, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Catch Eternals when it hits theaters Nov. 6, 2020.

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