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Eternals: Kevin Feige Addresses Why the Cast Should Look Like a Cross-Section of Humanity

The newly-released MCU film Eternals features a diverse cast of superheroes and it is a much-needed representation that people have been clamoring for. But as it turns out, that was Marvel Studios' intention from the beginning when they were developing the film.

Per CBR, during an Eternals press conference that they attended, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige addressed why they intended the film to have a diverse cast. He said, "As [producer and Marvel Studios VP of Production & Development] Nate [Moore] was advocating for this project, [we realized] you can't do the history of humanity without the heroes looking like a cross-section of humanity. And [that's] really what the goal was."

Kumail Nanjiani, who plays Kingo, added, "In the way that [Eternals co-writer and director] Chloé [Zhao] directed all of us, obviously [the] diversity of the cast and this team is something we talk about a lot. But the way she approached it was so interesting. It wasn't as if to make a point, it's as if to say this is how things should always have been."

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Given the nature of the characters, it really makes sense that the Eternals themselves would be diverse. They have to reflect humanity and, in the world that we are living in, there's a vast diversity in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, and many more. It is also the right time (or maybe overdue) for the MCU to up their game in terms of representation. Based on the reactions, it looks like they actually delivered.

Despite the mixed reviews from critics, Eternals has been performing well so far at the box office. It earned a mighty $9.5 million during its Thursday previews besting the record of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It is being projected to have a domestic opening weekend of $75 million. In the international box office, it already earned $20 million for its first two days outpacing the records of the other MCU films this year.

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Eternals is now showing in theaters.

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