Eromanga Sensei Light Novel Ending Date Revealed

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eromanga sensei sagiri izumi

The Eromanga Sensei light novel series has been ongoing since 2013, but the series was seemingly put on pause in late 2019. Now though, the series is back, but it was revealed that the Eromanga Sensei light novel ending is upon us.

Kadokawa has listed the 13th volume of the Eromanga Sensei light novel series on its official website. There, it was revealed that the 13th volume will serve as the finale for the series.

Eromanga Sensei Light Novel Ending Date

Eromanga Sensei Light Novel volume 12 cover
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Eromanga Sensei Light Novel Volume 12

In the Kadokawa website listing, the 13th volume will ship on the 10th of August in Japan. This means the Eromanga Sensei light novel ending will be on August 10, 2022.


Outside Japan, the Eromanga Sensei novels are published by Dark Horse Comics. But there is currently no announcement yet on a release date for this final novel.

Eromanga Sensei is written by Tsukasa Fushimi, the author of the popular light novel series, Oreimo (Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai). The series’ premise is comparable to Oreimo’s as both feature similar character dynamics.

In Eromanga, the story follows Masamune Izumi, a 15-year-old high school student who is also a light novel writer. While great at writing, Izumi lacks the artistic skills for drawing. Hence, Izumi hires an anonymous illustrator named “Eromanga” who is known for drawing lewd art. Though Izumi soon discovers that the identity of “Eromanga” is Sagiri Izumi, his 12-year-old sister who is a shut-in.

First published in 2013, the light novel series became popular enough to get a manga adaptation in 2014, along with an anime series adaptation that aired in the Spring 2017 season.

Eromanga Sensei Anime

The anime series adaptation is 12 episodes in length and covered only the first three volumes of the light novels. Though after the anime aired, A-1 Pictures has yet to announce a continuation of the series.

Given that it has been five years since the first season ended, chances are slim that the show will continue. But when you consider that a light novel adaptation like The Devil Is a Part-Timer! has been renewed for a second season, there’s still hope for Eromanga fans.

If Eromanga Sensei does get picked up again, there is still enough content for a bit over three seasons considering that there are 10 light novels to go.