Madame Web Star Emma Roberts is Open to Do More Comic Book Movie Roles

Emma Roberts as Mary Parker in Madame Web
Credit: Sony

Emma Roberts as Mary Parker in Madame Web
Credit: Sony

Madame Web star Emma Roberts recently opened up about her potential involvement in more comic book movie projects.

The American Horror Story star notably played Mary Parker in the recent Sony's Spider-Man Universe film. While her character wasn't part of the action, she is still a pivotal part as she gave birth to future web-slinger Peter Parker.

Some of the cast members have weighed in on the film's abysmal reception including Dakota Johnson, who has shot down any possibility of doing another comic book movie anytime soon.

Emma Roberts Expresses Interest in Doing More Comic Book Roles

Emma Roberts as Mary Parker carrying baby Peter Parker in Madame Web.
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Credit: Sony

In a recent interview, Roberts expressed her interest in doing more comic book movie roles in the future after her experience playing Mary Parker in Madame Web.

"I loved getting to just pop in and play Peter Parker's mom, and I loved the director of that movie. I had so much fun. I think that playing comic book characters is so fun, I would love to get the chance to play one that maybe gets a little more action," she said.

Roberts added that she is eyeing a witch role just like what she played in American Horror Story: Coven.

"I would also love to get to play a witch again. I've seen some witch comic book characters that I would be into," the actress continued.

While her role was not action-packed in Madame Web, Roberts argued that her character is still important due to its implication on the Spider-Man mythology.

She joked, "I birthed Peter Parker. Excuse me, what is more heroic than that?"

Throughout her career, Roberts has proven that she is a capable actress who can do multiple genres and has the charm that can elevate a character into a wonderful on-screen presence.

There are a lot of potential characters that Roberts could play in both the DC and Marvel if she decides to do another comic book movie. For now, let's wait and see whether it ends up happening soon.

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