Emily Swallow Says She Did All of The Armorer's Scenes in The Mandalorian Except One

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Credit: Lucasfilm

There's definitely tons of cool characters in The Mandalorian, but a number of Star Wars fans have their eyes drawn to The Armorer. The character is quite intriguing especially since her identity is concealed within her mask, much like the Mandalorian. While viewers are yet to learn more about her mysterious past, it is already known that Supernatural actress Emily Swallow is the one that brings the character to life.

In a recent interview with ComicBook, Swallow revealed that aside from providing The Armorer's voice, she was also the one in the suit the entire time. "Oh, it's all me," she said. "I mean, I definitely have to give credit where credit is due with that unbelievable fight in the last episode. That is all me, because I did not have the years of martial arts training required to do that."

However, Swallow pointed out that she did the best that she could when she got the script. When she found out that there would be an "intense" fight scene, Swallow talked to the fight coordinator and admitted that she was "willing to train" and try to do as much of the scenes as she can. The trainer says it's "awesome" but Swallow would have to train "for years" to be able to do all the scenes.

"I did take the couple of weeks that I had between that conversation," she continued. "And when we were shooting it to work with somebody on a martial art form called Kali, which was the inspiration for a lot of the fights." Swallow says she did what she could do with the transitions and other stuff, however, she pointed out that "the bulk of it is someone who is far more skilled" than she is.

Swallow did do all her scenes, except for the one where The Armorer throws punches at the Stormtroopers; stunt performer Lauren Mary Kim is to be credited as her double. With all the training that the actress was willing to do only shows that she's very much passionate to play the role of The Armorer.

What do you think of The Armorer? Would you like to see her in Season 2 as well? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 1 is available to stream on Disney+.

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