Elijah Wood Wants to do A Star Wars or Marvel Film

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It's no secret that Elijah Wood has already taken on an iconic role in the world of fantasy. After all, it's impossible to write about the former child actor without mentioning his portrayal of Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings movies. However, it looks like Wood is eager to be part of other major franchises. The Hobbit star says he wants to work on a Star Wars or Marvel Cinematic Universe project in the future.

Wood is known for his interesting choice of projects throughout his long career. Although he prefers smaller independent films, Wood has admitted that he would love to be part of a major franchise again.

Wood is currently promoting his new movie No Man of God. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wood admitted that he wants to work with Star Wars again.


"I think that's just inherently fun," Wood stated. "I haven't had a chance to play in a giant sandbox in a while…Star Wars gets precedent because I'm a huge Star Wars fan. So more of that, certainly in the live-action sphere, would be awesome."

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Wood had previously provided the voice of Jace Rcklin in the animated series Star Wars Resistance but he also has his eye on an MCU project.


"Working on a Marvel film, I mean, there's obviously a whole conversation that happens certainly in film Twitter about sort of the cinematic relevance of Marvel. Is it cinema? All this sort of shit. And whether you like superhero movies or not, they are inherently fun. And those movies are extremely well made," Wood said.

It would be interesting to see Wood in a live-action Star Wars project and it would also be cool if he joins the MCU. Hopefully, Disney takes note of Wood's interest and offers him a role in these franchises soon.

No Man of God is now screening in theaters.

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