Edward Norton Takes A Jab At Marvel Studios During Bruce Willis’ Roast

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The Incredible Hulk actor and screenwriter Edward Norton didn't just poke fun at Bruce Willis during the Die Hard star's upcoming televised roast on Comedy Central, he also tried taking jabs at Marvel Studios.

The Hollywood Reporter's Ryan Parker decided to tweet out Norton's little joke against Marvel over the weekend, revealing that Norton told those attending that he had been difficult on the set of The Incredible Hulk because he wanted a better script.


Marvel fans might be a bit upset that Norton decided to take a swing at Marvel during Willis' roast, but it isn't difficult to understand the actor's frustration. Back in 2008, The Incredible Hulk reboot had been the second entry in the burgeoning Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while some would have expected the film to be good, the film barely passed its predecessor.

Not only did the film just inch above the first Incredible Hulk movie at the box office, it didn't get great reviews from fans or from critics.

That's not all. Insiders close to the production say that Norton was actually promised by Marvel Studios "tremendous involvement and accesss" after he was invited to try and rework on the script written by Elektra and X-Men: The Last Stand screenwriter Zak Penn. However, the Studio decided later on that Norton's changes weren't enough to give him a scriptwriting credit.

It's pretty clear where the Academy Award-winning actor's resentment is coming from.

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